Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for a Zenvst account?

You must be 18 years of age or older and a United States resident to open up a Zenvst account. (More Countries Coming Soon)

Do I have to fill in all of my information to make a Zenvst account?

No, to make an account all you need if your email, password, Date Of Birth and address. You can simply skip each additional page during the sign-up process and enter your financial information later when you are ready to start investing.

What information is required to make an account?

Your Name, Email, Password, Address, and Date Of Birth

How do I skip to the next page if i don’t want to enter my info?

There is “skip” button at the bottom of each page. To simply create your account, press “skip” on each page after entering your name, email, password, address, and Date Of Birth.

What is a Coinbase Account?

Coinbase is a licensed and insured online trading platform and exchange for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

Do I need a Coinbase account to use Zenvst?

Yes, you will need to create, or link your Coinbase account when you are ready to start investing.

Is there a cost?

Zenvst makes it simple, we charge a flat $2 a month.Your subscription gives you access to all ZENVST products and services including Portfolio Diversification, Microinvesting, Recurring Investments, News & Education and more. Exchange rates still apply.

How can my funds get Invested?

You can link your Bank Account and/or Credit Card with Zenvst to start investing: We recommend linking a Checking account rather than a Savings account to avoid potential transfer reversals. Savings and Money Market accounts are subject to regulations that limit the the number of transactions per month and are often non-ACH transactional accounts. If you’re unsure of your bank account status, please check with your bank representative to be sure your account supports ACH transfers.