Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my portfolio?

  1. After you sign up and connect your accounts during onboarding, you will be prompted to create your portfolio and set your percentage allocation.
  2. Simply use the sliders to select the desired allocation.

How do I change my portfolio?

You may change your portfolio allocation at any time. Swipe left on the homepage to visit the “portfolio” section. Click on “manage percentages” and adjust your portfolio allocation to match your preferences.  

What are Round Ups?

Roundups are the primary method of investing on Zenvst, also known as microinvesting. Your transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the leftover change is invested into a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency (e.g. purchase coffee for $1.25 and $.75 is invested into your portfolio). When your round-up amounts reach a minimum of $5 they are invested into your portfolio.

Can I pause Round Ups?

Yes. You may pause your round-ups by clicking on “Invest” at the bottom of your screen. Then click on the “Round-Ups” section at the top and click “Pause Round-Ups”. Your round-ups may be resumed at any time.

What are “recurring” investments?

Recurring investments are small specific amounts that are invested on a consistent basis such as daily, weekly or monthly. This is an optional add-on and are not required.

Can I pause my recurring investments?

Yes. You may pause your recurring investments by clicking on “Invest” at the bottom of your screen. Swipe left to visit the “recurring” section and click on “Pause Investment”

How do I withdraw my cryptocurrency to cash?

Cashing out your crypto is simple with Zenvst. Simply use to navigation panel and select withdraw, top the “Withdraw Amount” tab and select how much you would like to withdraw up to a Maximum of your current account value.