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Where every purchase you make is an investment in your future.


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Zenvst charges only $2 a month for your subscription. Exchange rates still apply.

Variety of Investing Styles

Get your feet wet by investing your spare change or make a splash with weekly or monthly recurring investments. Find the strategy that fits your lifestyle and invest on autopilot!

Portfolio Diversification

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Effortlessly diversify your portfolio between a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens

Seamless Withdrawals

Cash out your portfolio balance in USD directly through Zenvst. Ditch complicated keys and wallets for seamless and instant cash outs!

Live Charts

Follow major trends in the market with real-time charts. Track market fluctuations and invest like a pro

News & Education

Stay up to date with the latest news and learn the building blocks of cryptocurrency. Discover insights from a variety of sources to make sure you never miss a beat

Francisco Martinez

Founder & CEO of Flagpak

I am an entrepreneur by nature so I’m always interested disruptive technologies. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 and I could see the potential. I’ve been investing in crypto for a while but as life got busier I didn’t have the time or energy to do the research. Zenvst simplifies the diversification of my portfolio across several cryptocurrencies, and reduced risk through microinvesting. Now every time I use my debit card, I have some peace of mind knowing I’m also investing in my future and automatically compounding my crypto portfolio. Anyone that is interested in crypto but hesitant to take the leap needs to check out this app ASAP.

Justin Benzaquen

Sales Executive @ HQV Inc

I was recently told about ZENVST by a friend who knew I was interested in cryptocurrencies, and was immediately blown away by their simple and intuitive way of allowing people to invest in this industry. ZENVST takes away the majority of time and the steep learning curve it takes to get started, while also allowing me to manage all of my investments easily. Their micro-investing model is perfect for me as it minimizes my risk without me having to worry about losing hundreds or thousands of dollars at once. I highly recommend anyone who is still hesitant on taking the plunge into cryptocurrencies check out ZENVST today!

Devin Jackson

Strategic Account Manager

Working in Silicon Valley, I hear about Bitcoin and crypto on a daily basis. I’ve been trading currencies and stocks over the past few years, but never had the time to learn about cryptocurrencies. All of the exchanges, private keys, and thousands of tokens are intimidating, even if you have prior investing experience. ZENVST made me feel a lot more comfortable with the complexity and volatility of cryptocurrencies by investing just my leftover change. Plus, they only partner with licensed and insured exchanges so I know my funds are safe and secure. They are by far the easiest way for anyone to get started in crypto.

Fraser Deacon

Voice-Actor @ FWD productions

My world is fast-paced and I needed an application that would allow me to invest my money as easy as it is for me to spend it. Zenvst showed me how easy it was to actually get started with cryptocurrencies, without having to learn all the ins-and-outs. Zenvst uses micro-investing to grow my account, and it fit perfectly with my lifestyle. For those who are interested in cryptocurrencies but are busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I highly recommend checking out Zenvst, as they have made the entry into this industry one of the easiest to navigate and understand.

Security You Can Trust

We take security seriously. Invest with peace of mind knowing that your crypto is safe and secure.

Whether it’s your personal or financial information, Zenvst has gone through rigorous testing to make sure our users accounts are fully encrypted and secure. We take extreme caution to make sure our users funds are securely stored in individual cold-storage offline wallets, as well as providing multi-signature authentication.

All of our users traffic runs over encrypted SSL (HTTPS) keeping your passwords, communications and other details encrypted on the communication between your computer or tablet and Zenvst servers. We work with a licensed and regulated Insurance backed exchange to secure any and all threats to our user’s portfolios.

See Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for Further Information

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